Study Cards on presidents, constitutional, monarchy

What is the chief power of US presidents?
The power to persuade: the ability to bargain and encourage, but not to dictate.
What relationships are important for the president to get his way?
- Congress: the proportion of the presidents legislative programme that survives congressional scrutiny. + the power of impeachment.
- The federal bureaucracy:m
- The Supreme Court: presidents appoint justices to the Supreme Court, these appointments might be rejected by the Senate.
- The media: the media are vital to presidents who need to appeal directly to the US public 'over the heads of congress'.
What are the advantages of a constitutional monarchy?
- It provides a solution to the need for a non-partisan head of state who is 'above' party politics.
- The monarch embodies traditional authority, and so serves as a symbol of patriotic loyalty and national unity.
- The monarch constitutes a repository of experience and wisdom, especially in relation to constitutional matters, available to elected governments.
What are the disadvantages of a constitutional monarchy?
- It violates democratic principles, in that political authority is not based on popular consent and is in no way publicly accountable.
- The monarch symbolizes (and possibly supports) conservative values such as hierarchy, deference and respect for inherited wealth and social position.
- The monarchy binds nations to outmoded ways and symbols of the past, thus impeding progress.
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