Study Cards on regionalism, neofunctionalism, functionalism

What are the types of regionalism?
1. Political : Attempts by states in the same area to strengthen or protect shared values, thereby enhancing their image, reputation, and diplomatic effectiveness
2. Economic : Forms of cooperation amongst states in the same region that are designed to create greater economic opportunities, usually by fostering trading links
What is functionalism and neofunctionalism?
Functionalism : the theory that social and political phenomena can be explained by their function within a larger whole, implying that regional integration occurs because it has functional advantage over state independence.

Neofunctionalism : A revision of functionalism that recognizes that regional integration in one are generates pressures for further integration in the form of spillover
How has the level of integration that is seen in the creation of the EU as a political body been possible?
Because of powerful combination of pressures in post-1945 Europe that helped to shift public attitudes away from nationalism and towards cooperation. + convince elites that national interests are ultimately better served by concerted action, rather than independence.
What is intergovernmentalism and supranationalism?
Interngovernmentalism : refers to any form of interaction between states that takes place on the basis of sovereign independence. This includes treaties and alliances as well as leagues and confederations
-> Unanimous decision making -> gives each state a veto over vital national issues

Supranationalism : is the existence of an authority that is 'higher' than that of the nation - state and capable of imposing its well on it
-> found in international federations -> where sovereignty is shared between central and peripheral bodies
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