Study Cards on revolutionary, ussr, collectivization

What was Lenins central contribution to Marxism?
His theory of the revolutionary or vanguard party.
Proletariat would not reach its revolutionary potential. Therefore a revolutionary party was needed.

Core principals: hierarchical organization and discipline.

--> USSR
What was Stalins orthodox communism?
Eradication of private enterprise, collectivization of agricultur;: all resources brought under control of the state.
USSR was turned into a totalitarian dictatorship (intimidation, repression).
What was highlighted by Gorbachev's perestroika reform?
That the core principals of the Leninist party and of economic stalinism (state collectivization and central planning) resisted pressure for reform.
Perestroika: restructuring. Attempt to liberalize and democratize the Soviet system within a communist framework.
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