4 questions on "Approaches to international politics - Realist approach"

What is the realist approach?
Dominant perspective on international politics since WWII.
It's realistic and devoid of wishful thinking.
International politics is about power and self-interest.

- Often portrayed as the power politics (approach to politics based on the assumption that the pursuit of power is the principal human goal) model of world affairs.
On what two core assumptions is the theory of power politics based on?
1. People are selfish and competitive; egoism is the defining characteristic of human nature.
2. Realist international theorists: fact that states are composed of and led by people who are inherently selfish and power seeking means that state behaviour must exhibit the same characteristics. State egoism leads to international conflict because each state pursues its own national interest.
How do realists think about security?
States have primary responsibility for maintaining security, as reflected in the notion of national security.
The major threats to security therefore comes from other states. National security is, thus, closely linked to the prevention of wars.

Other states as enemies.
Why does this not necessarily mean bloodshed and open violence?
Realists believe that conflict can be contained by the balance of power (no one states predominates over the other).
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