Study Cards on seek, democratic, defend

What is an interest group?
Pressure group, is an organized association that aims to influence the policies or actions of government
Models of interest group politics?
- pluralism
- corporatism
- the New Right
What do pluralists stress about group politics?
It's important to defend the individual from the government and promote democratic responsiveness
What is important for the corporatist model?
That groups seek insider status, while governments seek for information etc
Where does the antipathy of the New Right towards interest groups come from?
From the individualism that lies at the heart of neoliberal economics.
They have a preference for a market economy driven by self-reliance and entrepreneurialism.

people join interest groups only to secure 'public goods'
It leads to escalating public spending, because government won't be able to resist demands of interest groups.
What are the principal factors determining group influence ?
1. The political culture
2. The institutional structure
3. The nature of the party system
4. The nature and style of public policy
How important are interest groups?
Interest group activity is closely linked to economic and social development. They are of central importance in mediating between the state and a more fragmented society.
How do groups exert influence?
- Bureaucracy: interest group activity tends to centre on the bureaucracy as they key institution in the process of policy formulation.
- Through the assembly: lobbying.
- Through political parties: via campaign finance
- Via media and public opinion campaigns.
- Through international organizations
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