Political culture - Political culture in crisis - Decline of social capital?

4 important questions on Political culture - Political culture in crisis - Decline of social capital?

Why has their been a perceived need to rebuild civil society after the 1990s?

Because pervasive state control over a number of generations had evidently destroyed or suppressed the social connectedness and sense of civic responsibility that usually sustain democratic politics.

What does social capital refer to?

To social connectedness, as represented by networks, norms and trust that promote civic engagement .
Social capital can decline or rise, usually through education and a stress on active citizenship.

What has been linked to the decline in social capital?

To the parenting deficit (two parents working), the rise of individualism and the increase in social and geographical mobility (spread of suburbanization--> longer journeys to work).

What is an alternative view of the social capital debate that says there isn't a decline of social connectedness?

It has just changed. Shift to postmaterial values. Party membership and electoral turnout may have declined, but there has been a growth of interest in single issue protest politics and campaigning groups.

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