21st century world order - From unipolarity to multipolarity? - Decline of the USA?

3 important questions on 21st century world order - From unipolarity to multipolarity? - Decline of the USA?

What developments have been linked to the US decline?

- The dominant military power is no longer a secure basis for hegemony. Huge gap between the destructive capacity of the US military machine and what it can achieve politically.

- Economic decline; stays big but its competitors (China and India) have been growing much more quickly. --> questioning dollar's position as world's leading currency.
> however, still USA still has the technological lead.

How has US Power declined in terms of soft power?

> USA's reputation has been damaged by its association with corporate power and by widening global inequality.
> Damage to its moral authority by the war on terror.

What is the difference between soft and hard power?

Hard power: thinking about global power has conventionally  focused on hard power - the ability to affect the behaviour of others through the use of inducements or threats, a combo of economic and military power. Draws on resources such as force.

Soft power: co-optive power; it rest on the ability to shape the preferences of other by attraction, rather than coercion.
Draws on resources such as culture, political ideas and foreign policies.
Soft power strategies are seldom effective on their own.

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