Politics and the state - Debating the state - Rival theories of the state

7 important questions on Politics and the state - Debating the state - Rival theories of the state

What are the four rival theories of the state?

- The pluralist state
- The capitalist state
- The leviathan state
- The patriarchal state

What is meant by the pluralist state?

The pluralist state is the liberal view; the state is the referee in society and acts in interest of all citizens

What does the social-contract theory mean?

That there is a voluntary agreement made amongst individuals through which an organized society is brought into existence

How do Marxists look at the capitalist state?

Marxists see this as the state as an instrument of class oppression.

What does Bourgeoisie and proletariat mean?

Bourgeoisie : A Marxist term, denoting the ruling class of a capitalist society, the owners of productive wealth

Proletariat : A Marxist term, denoting a class that subsists through the sale of its labour power; strictly speaking, the proletariat is not equivalent to the working class

What is meant by the leviathan state?

The New Right saw the state as a self-serving monster intent on expansion and aggrandizement that threatens liberty and economic security

What is the patriarchal state?

The view of feminists that see the state as a tool used by men to defend their own interests and uphold the structures of patriarchy.

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