What is politics? - Studying politics - Concepts, models and theories

7 important questions on What is politics? - Studying politics - Concepts, models and theories

What is a concept?

A general idea about something, usually expressed in a single word or a short phrase => a 'cat'

Why are concepts complicated?

- the political reality we seek to understand is constantly shifting and is highly complex.
-  political concepts are often subject of deep ideological controversy, and there are often competing versions of political concepts.

What is the problem with concepts in the political world?

Not everyone thinks the same about what a concept is to them; deep ideological controversy.

What is the definition of "essentially contested concepts" of Gallie in 1955?

Concepts which controversy is so deep that there can't be a neutral definition ever developed.

What is the main difference between a theory and a model?

A theory is a proposition (voorstel), a model is more an explanatory device.

What is a theory?

A systematic explanation of empirical data, usually (unlinke a hypothesis) presented as reliable knowledgde

What is a paradigm?

A pattern or model that highlights relevant features of a particular phenomenon

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