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  • What is the function of the somatic nervous system?

    Produces movement, transmits incoming sensory information to cns.
  • What is a sagittal section?

    Divides the brain into a left and right half
  • What is a tract?

    Large collection of axons projecting to or away from nucleus or layer
  • Which structures form out of the prosencephalon?

    Telencephalon and diencephalon
  • Which structures form out of the rhombencephalon?

    Metencephalon and myelencephalon
  • What is the function of CSF?

    Cerebral spinal fluid works as a shockabsorber and for nourishing brain tissue
  • What are the main brainstructures in the Telencephalon?

    Corpus callosum
    Two lateral ventricles
    Cerebral cortex
    Basal Ganglia
    Limbic structures
  • What are sulci and fissures?

    Sulci-> shallow grooves
    Fissure-> Large groove divides brain into lobes and hemispheres
  • What are the four lobes?

    Frontal Lobe->motor and executive functions
    Parietal lobe->Tactile functions
    Occipital Lobe->visual functions
    Temporal Lobe-> visual, auditory and gustatory functions
  • What are the basal ganglia?

    Collection of nuclei below cortex
    Caudate nucleus
    Globus pallidus

    Role in control and coordination of movement patterns

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