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  • 1 Introduction

  • 1.1 Artikel: Vermeulen & Witjes (2015) On addressing the dual and embedded nature of business and the route towards corporate sustainability

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  • What is the somewhat limited Rubik's Cube?

    • Combining the issues dimension (PPP)
    • Time dimension (now and then) 
    • Place dimension (here and there) 
  • What are the issues dimension?

    • Planet (ecological threats) 
    • People (threats for people) 
    • Prosperity (goal for society) 
  • What are the five key search directions for societal transformation?

    1. Climate control and renewable energy 
    2. Circular economy 
    3. Neutral or positive impact on biodiversity 
    4. An economic system creating shared triple value (community well being, poverty oriented and bottom of the pyramid) 
    5. Equitable market and governance institutions  
  • 1.2 Artikel: (Rifkin, 2015) The zero marginal cost society

  • What is the zero marginal cost society about?

    His overall vision is based on the fact that 'as more and more of the goods and services that make up the economic life of society edge towards near-zero marginal cost and become almost free, the capitalist market will continue to shrink into more narrow niches where profit-making enterprises survive only at the edges of the economy, relying on a diminishing consumer base for very specialized products and services.
  • What are the three requirements of infrastructure according to Rifkin?

    1. Communication medium
    2. A power source
    3. A logistic mechanism
  • What are the collaborative commons?

    Free goods and services that bring about a new economic paradigm
  • What is the third revolutionary shift according to Rifkin?

    The internet of things
  • What are the power struggles according to Rifkin?

    1. Government agencies 
    2. Corporate interests 
    3. Internet producers and consumers
  • 1.3 Artikel: (Ergene, 2020) (Un)sustainability and organization studies: Towards a radical engagement

  • What are the four shifts of ecological case for businesses?

    1. Altering our epistemological lenses from managerial to critical perspectives 
    2. Altering our ontological lenses from realist to relational view 
    3. Changing the way we design and conduct research from discipline-focused to interdisciplinary knowledge 
    4. Transforming our scholarly stance from value-neutral to engaged scholarship 
  • 2 Bio-based economy

  • 2.1 Artikel: The European Bioeconomy in 2030 (BECOTEPS)2011

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  • What are the six challenges that the world is facing and needs to be tackled to ensure a peaceful and healthy future? 

    1. Sustainable management of natural resources 
    2. Sustainable production 
    3. Improving public health 
    4. Mitigating climate change 
    5. Integrating and balancing social developments 
    6. Global sustainable development challenges 

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