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Summary Prevention of mental health

- Prevention of mental health
- Annet Kleiboer
- 2018 - 2019
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Psychologie
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A snapshot of the summary - Prevention of mental health

  • 1 Introduction

  • Why is it important to prevent mental health disorder? (4)
    Highly prevalent

    13% of disease burden 

    1/3 of all DALYs    

    little number is receiving treatment
  • Which disorder are especially prevalent and have high burden of disease? (men women)
    Men: alcohol

    Women: anxierty/ depression

    Especially in younger population (till about 45
  • What are the three classifications for prevention?
    Universal: whole population

    Selective: target subgroups at risk

    Indicated: early stage who experience symptoms (early intervention)   

  • What are points where also to focus on with regard to prevention? (3)
    comorbid disorders


  • In which 4 themes are 70% of interventions?


    social psychiatry

    children of parents with psychiatric problems
  • What are the three levels of programmic approach
    micro: individual

    meso: community

    Macro: socity
  • What are 7 preventive methods?

    mass media compaigns


    coruses & trainings

    support and contact groups

    skills improvement

    (guided) self-help
  • What are two group dynamics
    task oriented: goals, group as "it"

    social emotional : group cohesion, group as "we"
  • What are 4 advantages of self-help?


    availability (always)

    less stigmatizing
  • What are 7 effective elements of school-based interventions?

    social influence

    serial approach 

    peer-led programs

    parent involvement

    CBT methods

    Selective nd indicative methods
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