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Summary Principles of cognitive neuroscience

- Dale Purves
ISBN-10 0878935738 ISBN-13 9780878935734
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A snapshot of the summary - Principles of cognitive neuroscience Author: Dale Purves ISBN: 9780878935734

  • 1 Cognitive neuroscience: definition, themes and approaches

  • Which two fields contain cognitive neuroscience?
    Neuroscience as well as cognitive science
  • What does cognitive neuroscience seek to do?
    Measure cognitive abilities and behavior to understand how the human brain works at all levels
  • 1.2 cognition

  • Name why it is hard to understand an study cognition
    They arise too rapidly to be conscious and they occur automatically in the background of current processes
  • 1.2.1 Natural philosophy and early psychology

  • Who where the pioneers of psychology in nineteenth century
    Wilhelm Wundt
    Hermann von Helmholtz
    William James
  • 1.2.2 Behaviorism

  • Who where the most important names in behaviourism during the twentieth century?
    B.F. Skinner and John Watson
  • Explain what operant conditioning does to rats
    Food rewards made rats more likely to engage in whatever behavior occurred immediately before the reward
  • 1.2.3 Cognitive science

  • What did George Miller found in the 1950's
    People are able to represent 7 unique items at one time this was called immediate memory
  • What is the focus of cognitive science
    It focusses on information processing associated with cognitive participants (human and none), computational simulation of cognitive psychology, social psych, psychiatry etc.
  • What are cognitive models trying to describe
    The underlying psychological processes
  • 1.3 neuroscience

  • What brain area where physicians interested in by the early nineteenth century?
    The cerebral cortex
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