7 questions on "measuring neural activity during cognitive processing"

What does EEG record?
It measures electrical brain waves that can be detected from the scalp. Also non-invasive
What is the name of the measurement of the slower-frequency dendritic field fluctuations
Local field potentials (LFPs)
What does the MEG measure?
Measures the magnetic fields produced by these currents rather than the associated voltage fluctuations
To what is the MEG mainly sensitive?
Neuronal activity in the cortical valleys or sulci
What does a PET scan do?
A radioactive probe atoms are injected into the bloodstream. These atoms travel to a increased metabolism  and thus blood flow to those areas
What is a blocked design?
A neural activity is integrated over an extended period (a block) while the subject performs a task or is presented with a particular stimulus condition
Explain EROS (Event-related optical signals)
Different sources of light around the high. Measuring the intensity of the reflected light with multiple external sensors, these activity dependent can be measured and used in an image.
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