9 good questions and answers about "appendix - neuroscience"

What brain area where physicians interested in by the early nineteenth century?
The cerebral cortex
What did Franz Joseph Gall discover about the cerebral cortex and what study field is associated with him?
He thought that the size of the cerebral cortex changed behaviour. Thus he thought that you could feel the brain size on the scalp and know how someone's personality is. This is called phrenology
What is the name we use for phrenology in more recent years
Localisation of function
Who and when discovered Neurons?
Santiago Ramon Y Cajal before the turn of the twentieth century.
What did the discovery of neurons imply?
It implies that cognitive processes are carried out by large populations of neurons
Signals that are transmitted long distance alone neuronal axons are called
Action potentials
What are the chemical substances that neurons use to stimulate the cells they contact?
How did William Penfield create a systematic map of the somatosensory cortex?
By running an electric current through the exposed cerebral cortex of the patient. By changing location and monitoring behaviour the map was made
How are neurological conditions neuroscientificly different from psychiatric disorders?
Neurological conditions are more cellular problems
psychiatric disorders arise from neurotransmitter dysfunctions
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