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Summary Principles of Marketing

- Philip Kotler, et al
ISBN-10 0273786997 ISBN-13 9780273786993
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A snapshot of the summary - Principles of Marketing Author: Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong ISBN: 9780273786993

  • 1 Marketing week 1

  • Who serve as key inputs to an MIS?
    The users of the information
  • How do competitors often reveal intelligence information?
    1. annual reports
    2. business publications
    3. trade show exhibits
    4. web pages
  • What are the four basic steps of the marketing research process?
    1. Define problem
    2. Develop research plan
    3. implement: collect data
    4. interpret and report findings
  • Why is secondary data a good starting point for any research project?
    - low cost
    - quick to obtain
  • What are the downsides of using secondary data?
    - data quality
    - age
  • What are telephone surveys
    flexible method that has speed advantages.
  • What are personal interviews
    flexible method that produces high quality data.
  • What are the 6 steps to implement and complete a research project.
    1. Collect info
    2. process
    3. Analyze
    4. interpret findings
    5. draw conclusions
    6. report to managament
  • What does the consumption process include?
    - Marketing stimuli (4 P)
    - forces in the buyer's environment (economic, technological, political, and cultural)
  • Responses inside the black box, has two parts
    1. buyer characteristics influence how the buyer perceives and reacts to the stimuli
    2. the decision process itself affects the buyer's behavior
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