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16 important questions on Advertising and Public Relations - Advertising

Which are the 4 aspects marketers should focus on when developing advertisement?

1. Setting advertising objectives
2. Setting the advertising budget
3. Developing advertising strategy
4. Evaluating advertising campaigns

Name 3 types of goals/purposes advertisement can have?

1. Informative
2. Persuasive
3. Reminder

What is the main goal of advertising?

To make consumers move through the buying process or just change the way they perceive the brand.

On which 3 aspects is the advertisement budget focused?

1. Brand lifecycle
2. Market share
3. Degree of competition

The 3rd step in the four-decision process in advertising is to develop a advertising strategy. Of which 2 processes does this consist?

1. Creating advertisement message
2. Choosing the advertising media.

What is madison & vine?

A term used to represent the merging of advertisement and entertainment to break through the clutter and create new ways to reach consumers with more engaging messages.

Of which 2 aspects can madison & vine consist?

1. Advertisement entertainment
2. Branded entertainment

What is advertisement entertainment?

Making ads very interesting and entertaining to watch.

What is branded advertisement?

Making the brand an inseparable  part of the entertainment, by inserting brands as props on different programs.

Of which 3 stages does the message strategy consist?

1. Identifying consumer's needs and wants
2. Develop creative concept
3. Message execution

What is slice of life?

Shows typical people using the product in normal life scenario.

Give some examples of mood or image as an execution style?

Beauty, love, sensitive image around the product.

What is technical expertise?

A company showing how it makes the product.

What is scientific evidence?

Survey evidence showing that the brand if preferred relatively more compared to other brands.

What is testimonial evidence?

Believable/likeable source recommending the product.

Name the 4 steps of selecting advertising media?

1. Determine reach, frequency and impact
2. Choosing among major media types
3. Selecting specific media vehicles
4. Deciding on media timing

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