8 questions on "Types of Buying Decision Behavior / The Buyer Decision Process"

Explaing what learning is, and what it's use is to a marketer:
Learning is the change in an individual's behavior through experience. Marketers can build demand for a product by associating their product with a strong drive, using motivating cues, and providing positive reinforcement.
What is a belief?
A descriptive thought a person has on something based on:
- Knowledge
- Opinion
- Faith
Why are marketers interested in the beliefs that people formulate about specific products and services?
Beliefs make up product and brand images and affect buying behavior. If some of the beliefs are wrong and prevent purchases, the market wants to launch a campaign to correct them.
Name the four types of buying behavior:
1. Complex buying behavior
2. Dissonance-reducing buying behavior
3. Habitual buying behavior
4. Variety seeking buying behavior
What is complex buying behavior?
Complex: Consumers are highly involved in a purchase and perceive significant differences among brands. This happens when: Expensive product, infrequent, risky, and highly self-expressive
What is variety-seeking buying behavior?
Low consumer involvement, but significant perceived brand differences. Consumers end up switching brands often.
Name the steps in the buying decision progress:
1. Need recognition (The first stage of the buyer decision process, in which the consumer recognizes a problem or needs to be triggered by):- Internal stimuli
- External stimuli

2. Information search (The stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer is motivated to search for more information.)Sources:
- Personal sources (legitimize or evaluate)
- Commercial sources (controlled by marketer)
- Public sources
- Experiential sources

3. Evaluation of alternatives
4. Purchase decision
5. Postpurchase behavior
What is the customer journey?
The sum of ongoing experiences consumers have with a brand that affect their buying behavior, engagement, and brand advocacy over time.
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