Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value - Channel Design Decisions

5 important questions on Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value - Channel Design Decisions

Of which 4 parts does marketing channel design consists?

1. Analyzing customer needs
2. Settings channels objectives
3. Identifying major channel alternatives
4. Evaluating those alternatives

Marketing channel management requires selecting, managing, and motivating individual channel members and evaluating their performance over time. Elaborate on this.

Selecting channel members based on characteristics.

Manage and motivate - you must not only sell through intermediairs, but also with and to them.

Evaluate channel members - check their performance.

When channel alternatives are identified, which 3 aspects must be looked at?

1. Type of intermediaries
2. Number of marketing intermediaries
3. Responsibilities of channel members

What's the difference between exclusive distribution and exclusive dealing?

Exclusive distribution is the case when a seller only allows certain outlets to carry its products.

Exclusive dealing is the case when the seller requires these dealers don't handle competitors brands. This can also be beneficial for the dealer, because you  can obtain to be a steady source and stronger seller support.

When channels are identified, they should go under the scan of three criteria, which?

1. Economic (comparison of sales, profits, cost among different channel members' alternatives)
2. Control on intermediaries
3. Adaptability

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