6 good questions and answers about "Channel Management Decisions"

What is marketing logistics? And what's the difference between outbound, inbound and reverse logistics?
This is the physical distribution, its side activities and information to bring the product from the supplier to the end customer or business customer.

Inbound --> moving products and materials from the supplier to the factory. 

Outbound --> moving products and materials from the producer to the resellers and customer

Reverse --> reusing, dispose broken products, recycling etc.
On what basis is selection of channel member done? Which aspects is looked at? (6)
1. Years growth
2. Profit records
3. Coorperativeness
4. Reputation
5. Size and quality of sale force
6. Customer location
Through which management can long-term partnerships be kept?
Partner relationship management (PRM).
What's the difference between warehousing and distribution centers?
A warehouse center stores goods for longer periods.

A distribution center moves goods rather than store. Shorter time period.
What is the evaluation of channel members mainly focused on? (5)
1. Average inventory levels
2. Sales
3. Customer delivery time
4. Treatment of lost and damaged goods
5. Coorperation in training programs
What is multimodel transportation?
Combining two or more modes of transportation.
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