14 good questions on "Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management"

Which aspects is marketing logistics concerned with? (4)
1. Planning
2. Implementing and controlling physical flows of materials
3. Final goods
4. Related information from the points of origin to points of consumption to meet customer requirements at a profit.
What activities does supply chain management consist of? (5)
1. Managing upstream flows of materials
2. Managing downstream flows of materials
3. Value-added flows of materials
4. Final goods
5. Related information among suppliers, companies, resellers and final consumers
Who is in charge of all the supply chain activities?
Logistic manager.
Activities of whom does the logistic manager coordinate? (5)
1. Suppliers
2. Purchasing agents
3. Marketers
4. Channel members
5. Customers
What kind of activities does this logistic manager do? (4)
1. Production
2. Inventory
3. Warehousing
4. Transportation planning
What is the main goal of the logistic system?
To provide maximum customer service and minimum distribution costs.
Which 4 functions does the logistic system have?
1. Warehousing decisions should answer questions such as where, how and how mare warehouses are needed.
2. Inventory management
3. Transportation
4. Logistic information
What is a distribution center?
Highly automated warehouses designed to receive goods, take orders, fill them and deliver to customer in time.
What is a new development concerning inventory systems and why is this helpful?
New inventory management systems. This helps managers to make sure there is enough inventory but also not too much. Too much inventory cost a lot, but too little inventory can cause loss of sales due to out of stock.
What is integrated logistics management?
A concept that emphasizes teamwork, inside the company and among all marketing channel organizations to maximize the performance of the entire distribution system.
What is the goal of integrated logistics management?
To hormonize all the company's logistics decisions.
How do firms decrease channel costs?
They coordinate their logistic strategies so they can improve customer and suppliers relationships.
Name 3 options how integrated logistic management can be done?
1. Cross-functional
2. Cross-company
3. Shared projects
What is third-parties logistics?
An independent provider that performs any or all the functions required to get client's product on the market.
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