8 good questions and answers about "Forms of Direct Marketing"

Name 6 types of direct marketing?
1. Direct mail marketing
2. Catalog marketing
3. Telephone marketing
4. Direct-response marketing
5. Kiosk marketing
6. New digital direct marketing
What is direct mail marketing?
Sending an offer, announcement, reminder to a person physical or virtual address.
Name 4 benefits of direct mail marketing?
1. Very flexible
2. Easy personalized
3. Allows high target market
4. Easy to measure results
What is catalog marketing?
Form of direct marketing via print, video or catalogs that are mailed to select customers, made available in stores or presented online.
What are 2 major benefits of catalog marketing?
1. Reduce costs when it is online
2. Real time merchandising
What is direct-response television marketing?
Direct marketing tool that takes two forms: direct response television marketing which are short or longer spot (infomercial) and invite customers to call and home shopping channels which are channels entirely dedicated to selling goods and services.
What is kiosk marketing?
Places information and ordering machines in stores, airports, campuses and other locations.
What is new digital direct marketing?
Mobile phone marketing, podcasts, VODcasts, interactive TV.
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