Managing the Marketing Effort / Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment

How can a marketing analysis be carried out?
Through a SWOT-analysis, which points out the Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Which 5 steps have to be taken in order to help the company reach its overall strategic objectives?
1. Summary containing main goals and recommendations
2. Detailed SWOT-analysis
3. Objectives and issues supported by marketing strategy
4. Strategies for target market, marketing mix, marketing expenditure levels
5. Marketing budget
What is operating control?
Ongoing performance of the annual plan and improving when necessary.
What is strategic control?
Whether the company's strategies are in accordance with the opportunities available.
What are 3 elements of measuring standard marketing performance?
1. Brand awareness
2. Market share
3. Sales
What are 3 elements of measuring customer centered?
1. Customer acquisition
2. Lifetime value
3. Equity
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