Communicating customer value: integrated marketing communications strategy - Steps in Developing Effective Marketing Communication

14 important questions on Communicating customer value: integrated marketing communications strategy - Steps in Developing Effective Marketing Communication

Which 6 stepts should be followed for a marketing communication process?

1. Identify the target audience
2. Determine the communication objectives
3. Design a message
4. Choosing media
5. Selecting the message source
6. Collecting feedback

Of which 4 aspects does the identification of target audience consist?

1. Who will be the audience
2. What will be the message
3. How will it be communicated
4. When, where and who will be the one to transmit

What does it mean to determine the communication objectives?

To define where the audience is situated for the moment and where the marketers want to shift it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing communication?

- Impactful
- Permanent
- Memorable

- Hard to measure
- Expensive
- No direct interaction

What are the buyer-readiness stages? (6)

1. Awareness
2. Knowledge
3. Liking
4. Preference
5. Conviction
6. Purchase

What are SEM and SEO and what are the main differences?

SEM is search engine marketing. This is gaining listing in the search engine results page of the major search engines. It includes advertisements of third-party publisher sites, which are part of the display network to generate awareness.

SEO is search engine optimization. This is the management of search engine behavior to increase a brand's ranking.

- SEM describes how
- SEO implements it
- Every online firm needs SEO
- SEM dictates how the company would run its SEO.

Of which 2 parts does the design of a message consist?

1. Content
2. Structure

Of which 3 types of content can a message consist?

1. Rational (appeals that relate to the self-interest of the audience)
2. Emotional
3. Moral content (support social causes, environmental aid)

What is the idea behind the structure of a message?

The idea of letting the consumer to reach its own conclusions or to advice a conlusion to the consumer.

What decisions can be made when it comes to an advice in a message? (3)

1. Giving strongest points to the beginning or end
2. gives one-sided or two-sided arguments
3. Strenghts and weaknesses

What is personal communication channels?

Involve two or more people that communicat directly face to face, email, phone. This form of interacting is effiecient as it makes possible addressing, feedback and carries high influence for products which are risky and expensive.

Name 4 types of non personal communication channels?

1. Major media (news-papers, magazines, direct mail)
2. Broadcast media (TV, radio)
3. Display media (billboards, signs, posters)
4. Online media (e-mail, company websites)

Why is the selection of the message source so important?

Because it affects how the receiver of the message will view the communicator.

What is collecting feedback?

This involves researching the effect of the message impact on the audience by asking the audience if they remember the message, how many times they saw/hear/read it, what point do they recall, what were the impressions and feelings.

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