6 good questions and answers about "Online Marketing"

What are click only companies (dot coms)?
They operate online an have not brick-and-mortar market presence.
What are click and mortar companies?
Companies that have included online marketing to their operations.
Name 4 online marketing domains?
1. Business to consumer
2. Business to business
3. Consumer to consumer
4. Consumer to business
Name 4 ways of setting an online marketing presence?
1. Creating a website
2. Placing ads and promotions online
3. Creating or participating in online social networks
4. Using e-mail
Name 2 types of websites and what it is used for?
1. Corporate website: designed to build customer goodwill, collect customer feedback and supplement other sales channels.
2. Marketing website: Engages consumers in interactions that will move them closer to a direct puchase of other marketing outcome.
What is viral marketing?
The word of mouth version of internet where marketers create websites, videos, e-mails, cell phone messages that consumers are willing to pass to other customers.
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