Summary Projectmanagement, A practical Approach-English edition Book cover image

Summary Projectmanagement, A practical Approach-English edition

- Roel Grit, et al
ISBN-10 9001790925 ISBN-13 9789001790929
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A snapshot of the summary - Projectmanagement, A practical Approach-English edition Author: Roel Grit het Nederlands Prue Gargano ISBN: 9789001790929

  • 1 The Project

  • 1.1 Types of activities, types of work

  • What are the three groups of activities?
    1. Improvised activities
    2. Routine activities
    3. Project-based activities 
  • What are improvised activities?
    People usually improvise when something unforeseen that requires immediate response occurs
  • What are project-based activities?
    Project-based activities are non-recurring and have limited duration, but are reasonably predictable
  • 1.2 Examples of projects

  • What are examples of projects?
    • Building a new shopping centre, bridge, nursing home ore factory
    • The technical development of a new product
    • Developing a marketing plan or export plan for a new product
    • Designing a new school course
    • Doing a theatre production or producing a film
    • Doing research for a thesis
    • Relocating a large company to a new location
    • Arranging a logical system for providing meals in a hospital
  • 1.3 What is a project?

  • What is the definition of a project?
    A project can be defined as a group of people collaborating temporarily with the aim of reaching a predetermined goal within the predetermined budget
  • What features should a project have?
    • Kick-off
    • Finishing date
    • Defined goal
    • Client or Sponsor
    • Budget
    • Group of people from various fields of expertise
    • Organisational set-up
    • Starting date
  • 1.5 Types of projects

  • What are technical projects?
    These are projects whose aim is to effect some charge in technology or to come up with new products
  • What are social projects?
    Their aim is to change the corporate culture or organisational structure of a company, they deal with the way in which people work together
  • What are commercial products?
    The ultimate goal is to make money
  • What are mixed projects?
    These combine some of the aspects of both technical and social projects
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