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Summary Psychobiologie selectietoets

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A snapshot of the summary - Psychobiologie selectietoets

  • 6.1 Visual coding

  • What is the difference between the allele A and a of a gene?
    They are identical in most of their sequence and differ only at one or several nucleotides of the thousands of nucleotides that make up the gene
  • When do DNA molecules replicate?
    During the S phase of cell division
  • What are 3 ways by which a segment of SNA can be characterized and tracked?
    1. Direct sequencing (sequence alleles (A and a) in the parents and the meiotic products: the result would be that one half of the products would have the A DNA sequence and one half would have the a DNA sequence)
    2. Restriction Fragment Lenght Polymorphism
    3. PCR
  • What is, at a molecular level, the primary phenotype of a gene?
    The protein it produces
  • What is a null allele?
    A mutant allele that has no simalarities with the wild-type function (non functioning allele caused by a genetic mutation)
  • 6.1.1 General principles of percention

  • When do you perceive an object?
    You perceive an object when it emits of reflects energy that stimulates receptors that transmit information to your brain
  • In terms of which factors does your brain code information?
    In terms of which neuron respond, their amount of response and the timing of their response
  • The law of specific nerve energies
    Whatever excites a particular nerve esthablishes a special kind of energy unique to that nerve / the brain somehow interprets the action potentials from the auditory nerve as sounds etc.
  • What does the  'amount of response' mean?
    How many action potentials a neuron sends per unit of time
  • 6.1.2 The eye and it´s connections to the brain

  • What is the rear surface of the eye called which is lined with visual receptors?
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