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Summary Psychology :)

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A snapshot of the summary - Psychology :)

  • 1 Psychology Sem 1

  • 1.1 Introduction to Learning and Classical Conditioning

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  • What is associative learning?
    Associative Learning is when you learn that certain events occur together
  • Who is Associative Learning connected with? (NAME)
  • Before conditioning, when Pavolv gave dog food and the dog salivated, is it learnt?
    No, it is not learnt. It is a biological response.
  • What is the terminology eg. Pavlov rang bell and did not give dog  food. After a few times, dog did not salivate.
  • What is Stimulus Generalisation?
    Similar stimulus = similar response
    Eg. For example, During Pavlov's experiment, when he used a high pitched bell or a low pitched bell, it did not matter. The dog still salivated.

    Eg. If you like Nutella, you might like another kind of cholocate spread.
    Or if you are bitten by a black dog when you were younger = afraid of all dogs in the future. 
  • What is spontaneous recovery? Example.
    Eg. When you ring the bell after extinction has set in, sometimes the dog will salivate
  • 1.2 Operant Conditioning

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  • How many reinforcers are there and what are they?
    1. Positive 
    2. Negative
    3. Primary
    4. Secondary
    5. Immediate
    6. Delayed
  • Can an activity be a positive reinforcer?
  • What do children love?
    1. Attention
    2. Money
    3. Approval
  • What is the common mistake that people have of a negative reinforcer?
    They think that negative reinforcers are punishment

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