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Summary Psychology vol. 1

- Schacter
ISBN-13 9781319384371
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A snapshot of the summary - Psychology vol. 1 Author: Schacter ISBN: 9781319384371

  • 1 The Evolution of Psychological Science

  • 1.1 Psychology's Philosophical Roots

  • What does psychology mean in greek?
    Psyche = soul + logos = to study
  • What is the definition of mind in psychology?
    A set of private events happening inside a person
    ex. Thoughts and feelings
  • What is the definition of behaviour in psychology
    A set of public events (observable actions)
  • Studying psychology involves studying both the _____ and _____ viewpoints.
    Subjective; objective
  • What are the three most important ideas in psychology?
    1) Dualism and Materialism
    2) Realism and Idealism
    3) Empiricism and Nativism
  • What is the key premise behind philosophical dualism?
    The mind and body are fundamentally different things with the mind being immaterial and the body being material
  • What is the Key Premise behind philosophical materialism?
    All mental phenomena are reducible to physical phenomena
    "The mind is what the body does"
  • What is the key premise behind philosophical realism?
    Perceptions of the physical world are produced entirely from sensory organs
  • What is the key premise behind philosophical idealism?
    Our sensory organs pick up information from the environment and the brain uses this information in conjunction with information it already has to produce our perceptions of the world.
  • What is the key premise behind philosophical empiricism?
    We're born with no knowledge whatsoever, and all our knowledge is gained through experience
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