9 good questions on "Gestalt Psychology and Developmental Psychology"

What did Max Wertheimer study?
How people perceive motion when shown two lights that flash too quickly to differentiate
What is Gestalt psychology?
An approach to psychology that emphasizes the way in which the mind creates perceptual experience
How did Sir Fredric Bartlet study why people remember things that didn't happen?
He had people read a story and then retell it later
How did Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky study perceptual and cognitive errors in children?
They compared the cognitive mistakes children made in comparison with the ones older children made
What is Developmental Psychology?
The study of the ways in which psychological phenomena change over the life span
Kurt Lewin theorized that behaviour isn't a function of environment, but a persons _____ _____ of the environment
Subjective constructual
Social psychologist Kurt Lewin found that behaviour could be predicted by understanding a person's_____. Ie. The _____ of the experience is more important than the stimulus itself.
Subjective experience; Interpretation
What is Humanistic psychology?
Understanding human nature by emphasizing the positive potential of humans
Humanistic psychology sees people as ____, focuses on the ___of the human psyche and swapped the term ____.
Free agents; positive; patient for client
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