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A snapshot of the summary - QSO

  • 1 Week 1

  • 1.1 1a

  • Why Quality Systems Operations?
    One major quality, constant high quality, it's two things high quality and constant quality.
  • What does the multidisciplinary approach for managing of quality by food companies consist of?
    Good management, right processes, what do people need to do, have the right equipment etc.
  • What are the 5 simple steps of the food chain?
    Raw material selection and improvement
    choice of appropriate technology
    formulation and design
    identification of physiological targets
    consumer behaviour
  • What are some main developments in food chains?
    Concentration & specialization pf production
    - increasing importance of quality standards
    - products standards --> process standards
    - increasing demands visibility & transparency
  • 1.2 Dynamics of food quality

  • How do we define food quality?
    -perceived by the consumer, can be different for different people
  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic attributes?
    Intrinsic: properties inherent to the product, like level of sugar or flavour. Easy to use (packaging)
    Extrinsic: properties like brands (marketing) or how it's been produced (organic), difference in size packaging
  • Quality attributes, safety and risk, what are they?
    Safety: absence of hazards
    Risk: chance of presence of hazard & severity of harm 

    can be microbial, chemical or physical.
  • What can shelf life be influenced by? (name 5 categories)
  • Quality attribute health, what can you associate it with and is it intrinsic or extrinsic?
    Strarts from basic need of macro- and micronutrients
    also related to health-promoting/bioactive ingredients
    satiety/satiation is also important
  • 1.3 1c

  • What is the key role of traceability?
    To increase the ability and visibility of the supply chain, because of
    - Quality (trust, premium products)
    - Safety (recalls, legislation EFSA)
    - Sustainability (food miles, fair trade)
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