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Summary Quality management course topics

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A snapshot of the summary - Quality management course topics

  • 1 Quality definition

  • 1.1 Definition and evolution of Quality

  • What is the Quality definition and what aspects does it involve?
    - Quality is about satisfying customer needs and expectations

    It is about the compliance with customers desired characteristics/ absence of defects in the product/service

    Satisfying customer needs and expectations/ fair price or minimum cost

    on the one hand; Expected required, latent quality
    on the other hand; Internal and external customers
  • What is is the tangible element of the service quality dimension?
    - Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel and communication materials
  • What is the reliability element about in the quality dimensions of a service?
    - The ability to perform the promised service in a reliable and accurate way
  • What is the responsiveness element about in the quality dimensions of a service?
    - The availability of the company to help customers and suppliers as fast as possible
  • What is the empathy element about in the quality dimensions of a service?
    - The individual attention offered by companies to their customers; capacity of workers to put themselves in their customers' shoes
  • What is the assurance element about in the quality dimensions of a service?
    - The knowledge and care shown by the workers and their ability to inspire trust and credibility, lack of hazards, risks or concerns
  • What does the model of service quality measurement (SERVQUAL) look like?
    Word of mouth, personal needs, past experience and external communications  ->  expected quality

    Quality dimensions: Tangible elements, assurance, reliability, empathy, responsiveness  ->> Expected quality and perceived quality

    Expected quality and perceived quality difference ->> Quality gap
  • What determines the no-quality costs
    - Internal errors
    - External errors
    - Tangibles
    - Intangibles
  • What are the evaluation or identification costs?
    Costs involved with the need to check the existing quality, to perform inspections, tests and other planned evaluations, done by the organization with the goal of determining whether the manufactured items, programs or services comply with the established requirements (inspection and controls, tests, etc)
  • What are the external error costs
    - The costs associated with defects discovered after putting the product or service into the market
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