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Summary Reader Microbial Disease Mechanisms

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A snapshot of the summary - Reader Microbial Disease Mechanisms

  • 2 Structure and functio of bacterial cells

  • 2.2 Appendages: flagella, fimbriae and pili

  • 3 ways to spot bacterial movement
    1. Staining technique
    2. Swim medium
    3. Direct observation in wet mount
  • F pillus / Sex pilus
    Stabilize mating during conjugation
  • 2.3 The cell envelope: capsules, cell walls and S-layers

  • Gramnegative Cell wall
    - Turns pink by staining
    - Single peptidoglycan  layer with outer membrane
    - LPS as unique component
  • Penicillin & beta-lactam antibiotics action
    Block transpeptidase and carboxypeptidase enzymes during the assembly of the murein cell wall
  • Lipoteichoic acid (LTA)
    The teichoic acids that are anchored into the plasma membrane
  • Omp C and F
    Porins that allow hydrophillic solubles to cross the membrane
  • 2.5 The plasma membrane

  • Plasma membrane (function)
    Selective permeability barrier
  • Fluid mosaic model
    The arrangement of proteins and lipids to form a membrane
  • Ion driven transport system (IDT)
    Used for accumulation of many ions and amino acids
  • Binding-protein dependent transport system (BPDT)
    Used for sugars and amino-acids
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