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  • 1 Chapter 1

  • 1.2 Redesign in organic farming

  • What can be reasons for insecure food supply?
    Degradation of soils and water resoures
    Institutional conflicts
    Land grabbing
    Strong population growth
  • When is rethingking the whole system or redesign necessary?
    Whem farming methods are insufficient to result in the desired effects
  • What is organic farming?
    A way of food production that aims at being in balance with natural resources that are available
  • What kind of process is the redesign of farms?
    A continuous and iterative process, in which agronomist may participate directly or indirectly via reports and articles
  • What are good resons to putting existing choices and procedures up for discussion?
    Economic necessity, the current farm design not being economically sustainable, or conversion from convention to organic farming
  • What are the 5 fases of conversion from conventional to organic farming?
    - Criticism of their own management practices
    - Search for new guiding ideas and models towards establishing new practicices
    -Decision to convert
    - Enthusiasm
    - Sobriety
  • 1.3 Ideals in organic farming

  • What are the dreams of organic farmers?
    A peaceful coexistence of nature and culture, they aim for an angriculture that is sustainable, sufficiently productive and self-reliand, and whih allows flourishing of man, animal and plant.
  • 1.4 Farms as systems

  • What is the farm system?
    A farm is seen as an ensemble of components which interact which each other. As a result, changing one component will efect all other components through the interactions
  • What is emerging behaviour?
    Behaviour that none of the components contains individually, but occurs as a result of the interaction among the components
  • What are the 4 components of a farming system, apart from human decision makers?
    - Crops
    - Animals
    - Manure
    - Soil
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