Summary Research methodology an introduction to scientific thinking and practice Book cover image

Summary Research methodology an introduction to scientific thinking and practice

- Jacobus Adrianus Maria Vennix
ISBN-10 9043037885 ISBN-13 9789043037884
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A snapshot of the summary - Research methodology an introduction to scientific thinking and practice Author: Jacobus Adrianus Maria Vennix ISBN: 9789043037884

  • 1 The origins of science

  • What are the three common objects of business administration science?
    - All aspects within an organization 
    - Relation within and between organizations 
    - Relation between organizations and the environment.
  • What are the two sides of research?
    Content side; what is the subject/phenomenon
    Methodological side; the way the research is carried out
  • What are the two ways how you can look at learning?
    1. Instrumental; what you know today you can use tomorrow
    2. Conceptual; you gain new insight that you don't immediately see but it helps you to reason.
  • 1.1 Learning and knowing in everyday life and in science

  • What were the two headings in science from the 19th century?
    Natural science and natural history
  • What is the definition of management science?
    Discipline of using scientific research based principles, strategies and other analytical methods to improve an organization's ability to enact rational, meaningful business management decisions.
  • What is the difference between epistemology, methodology and ontology?
    Epistemology --> science of knowing (how we know the world). Translating observation into knowledge. 

    Methodology --> how we can have insight
    Ontology --> How we see the world
  • What do methods and methodology offer?
    The instruments to do good research
  • On which 3 things do we need an agreement to reach agreement reality?
    1. The way we work
    2. How we observe
    3. How we translate our observation into knowledge
  • What is an empirical relationship?
    A relationship or correlation based on observations
  • 1.1.1 Typical characteristics of philosophers and scientists

  • What is the meaning of self-fulfilling prophecies?
    situations in which my expectations leads me to behave in such a way that my expectations actually become reality.
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