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Summary Research Methods in Psychology Evaluating a World of Information

- Beth Morling
ISBN-10 0393936937 ISBN-13 9780393936933
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A snapshot of the summary - Research Methods in Psychology Evaluating a World of Information Author: Beth Morling ISBN: 9780393936933

  • 1 psychology is a way of thinking

  • what is empiricism or empirical research?
    research with as basis for conclusions evidence gained from the senses.
  • what is the parsimony of a theory?
    a theory should not be unnecessarily complex.
  • what is a correction meganism 2 examples?
    a system that checks your research for potential biases or incompletions before publicing it.
    - peer review
    - replication
  • what are the three basic rules of science?
    - openness; everybody needs to be able to see how you did it
    - thoroughness; go through the whole cycle of empirical research
    - honesty
  • what are non-scientific everyday sources of knowledge?
    experience, intuition, authority.
  • what does a comparison group do?
    it shows the researcher what would happen both with or without the researched variable.
  • what is a confederate?
    an actor playing a specific role in a research
  • what is good story bias?
    people tend to believe good story's or conclusions that feel natural or make sense.
  • what is present/present bias?
    our failure to consider appropriate comparison groups, we forget to seek information that "is't there" and only focus on information that is present.
  • 3 interrogation tools for consumers of research.

  • what is the name for something that in a study could potentially vary but has only one level in a specific study.
    a constant.
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