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Summary Running-Induced Systemic Cathepsin B Secretion Is Associated With Memory Function

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A snapshot of the summary - Running-induced systemic Cathepsin B secretion Is Associated with Memory function

  • 1 Summary

  • What is Cathepsin B?
    It is a protein, secreted after endurance muscle activity, that may be important in the cognitive and neurogenic effects of Running.
  • Which downstream pathway seems to be involved in CTSB secretion?
    The AMPK pathway, which is induced after endurance exercise.
  • What was the effect of CTSB on adult hippocampal progenitor cells in vitro?
    • Enhanced BDNF expression
    • Enhanced DCX expression
  • 2 Introduction

  • What are the thought effects of exercise on (human) brain function?
    • improved cognition in humans
    • enhance neurotrophic factor expression
    • increased vascularisation
    • improved memory and neurogenesis in the hippocampus
  • Name some peripheral factors linked to running that may positively influence brain function.
    • Blood factors from young animals enhance brain plasticity in older animals (Katsimpardi et al., 2014)
    • myokines derived from muscles may influence neural pasticity (PGC1a -> FNDC5 -> irisin -> enhanced hippocampal BDNF; Wrann, 2015)
  • What are investigated myokines named in this study?
    • Cathepsin B
    • Irisin
  • What did the authors investigate?
    Proteomics analyses of cultured medium in AMPK stimulated myoblasts. They became particulary interesting in Cathepsin C as it may play an important role in the effects of exercise on Human Brain.
  • 3 Results

  • 3.1 Identification and Validation of Candidates

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  • Which myokine did they choose to investigate after proteomics analysis?
    Cathepsin B (CTSB)
  • 3.2 Validation of CTSB expression after exercise

  • How was the expression of CTSB by myoblasts validated?
    • after 8 days of differentiation the cells were starved for 3 hrs by serum free media. 
    • AICAR (AMPK agonist) or vehicle was added for different durations, increasing gene expression in the 3hrs. 
    • extracellular protein levels were increased in differentiated L6 myoblasts
    • running mice (14 and 30 days) had increasing blood CTSB
    • CTSB expression and secretion in running mice was only found in skeletal muscle (fast twitch)
  • On which levels of action did the authors validate the myokine CTSB?
    • Induction by substance
    • Gene expression (both vivo and vitro)
    • Protein expression (both vitro and vivo)
    • Time duration
    • Location of secretion
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 23 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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