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Summary Saas

- SAAS: Systems Approach in Animal Sciences
- -
- 2013 - 2014
- Wageningen University
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A snapshot of the summary - SAAS

  • 1 General introduction

  • Which steps are there in a (WUR) systems approach?
    1. Description of the general problem situation (delineation system and research questions) (hollistic)
    2. Detailed analysis of partial reseach questions (reductionistic)
    3. Interpretation of results from partial research questions in accordance with the research hypothesis formulated in step 1. (hollistic)
  • Which techniques and methods can be used during these steps?
    - SWOT analysis
    - Stimulation models
    - Quantification of sustainability indicators
  • 2 Systems concept

  • 2.1 Scientific approaches

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  • Who distinguished experimental science as a first?
    Roger Bacon
  • How did the scientific revolution view the world?
    As a machine made up off parts that could be uncundiotionally isolated
  • Whereto lead the Cartesian approach?
    To know-how about specific system components
  • What loses the system according to the systems approach when it is broken down?
    - It loses the typical properties as a result of synergetic effects from the relations between the components that make up the system
    - The specific system interaction with the environment, its context, is ignored
  • What is the holistic perspective?
    General desciription of the problem situation in relation to its economic, ecological and societal context
  • What can be included in the first step of system approach? (Problem description)
    - Holistic perspective
    - Determination of general research question and hypothesis 
    - Defenition of the corrosponding system
    - Relevant stakeholders can be incloded
  • What can be done in the second step of system approach? (Detailed analysis of partial research questions)
    - Answers to several partial reductionistic research questions are required, they can be found in literature or from own detailed analysis of specific charasterisics of system components, their behaviour or their relations with each other or with the context
  • Wht happens in the third step of system approach?
    Explantations/solutions of partial research questions are linked and placed in the larger coherent system

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