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Summary samenvatting BHE

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A snapshot of the summary - samenvatting BHE

  • 1 the science of animal behavior

  • what is the definition of animal behavior?
    any internally coordinated, externally visible pattern of activity that responds to changing external or internal conditions
  • what is internally coordinated and name 3 examples?
    internal information processing such as:
    -endocrine signalling, sensory information processing, action of neurotransmitters
  • what is externally visible activity?
    patterns we can observe and measure for example an animal eating
  • what does an ethogram lists?
    ethogram: a formal description or inventory of an animals behaviour. 
    -behaviours that a particular species exhibits
  • what are frequency, duration, rate and intensity?
    F: how many times.
    D: length of time of a behaviour
    R: frequency of the behaviour per unit time
    I: forcefulness of the behaviour
  • what are the 4 questions of Niko Tinbergen?
    1. what is the mechanism that causes the behaviour?

    2. how does the behaviour develop?
    3. what is the function of the behaviour?
    4. how did the behaviour evolve?
  • what are proximate explanations?
    question 1 and 2 of Tinbergen, they focus on understanding the immediate causes of a behaviour.
    for example studies of genetics/sensory systems/neurons/hormones/learning
  • what are ultimate explanations and what is the link with the questions of Tinbergen?
    question 3 and 4 of Tinbergen, they require evolutionary reasoning and analysis
  • what do evolutionary psychologist do?
    seek to understand human thinking and behaviour
  • what do cognitive ethologists do?
    focus on understanding the behaviour of animals and often integrate information from neuroscience
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