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Summary Scaling Bpm Adoption

- IBM Redbooks
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A snapshot of the summary - Scaling BPM Adoption Author: IBM Redbooks

  • 1 Introduction

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  • Why is it important to begin the BPM journey with a philosophy of change?
    This enables you to avoid common pitfalls that lead to failed BPM projects and, ultamately, poor BPM adoption.
  • 1.1 Business process management

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  • How does BPM promote effectiveness and efficiency in your business processes?
    By using measurable business value to align all projects with corporate strategies.
  • How does BPM enable process control in your business?
    By creating process visibility with an incremental delivery methodology
  • 1.1.1 Managed business process

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  • What is a managed process?
    A managed process is a business process in which stakeholders and process owners have both visibility into the process and control over the process to take corrective action for better business outcomes.
  • Where can all management decisions, at any level in the organization, be associated with?
    They can be associated with on or more of the following domains:
    • corporate strategy,
    • business resources,
    • business processes.
  • What does business process optimization do?

    Business process optimization decisions to streamline activities, automate human decicions with business rules, or remove bottlenecks are also goood examples of decisions for change in the business process domain.

  • 1.1.2 Business processess

  • What is the BPMN 2.0 definition of a business process?

    A process describes a sequence or flow of activities in an organization with the objective of carrying out work.

    In BPMN a process is depicted as a graph of flow elements, which are a set of activities, events, gateways, and sequence flows that define finite execution semantics. Processes can be defined at any level from enterprise-wide processes to processes performed by a single person.

  • 1.1.3 Process automation, visibility and control

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  • What are the compounding elements of the business impact realized from a BPM project?
    Process automation, visibility and control
  • What is a swivel chair integration?
    A manual interface where a human user reads data from one system and keys it into another
  • What is the benefit of business visibility?

    It gives insights in live data and process participants have perspective into the end-to-end process.

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