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Summary science

- science
- mrs bu...
- 2017 - 2018
- liberty uneversity
- science
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A snapshot of the summary - science

  • science module 6

  • Which method of energy transfer does not require a medium?
  • What is the difference between vaporization and boiling?

      Vaporization can occur when a liquid changes to a gas at any temperature where boiling has to be at the boiling point
  • If air cools beyond its dew point and still does not condense, the air is said to be ______________.

  • Cloud greenhouse forcing _____________________________.
    can cause the temp to increase
  • Heavy drizzle can reduce _______________ because the droplets are small and close together.
  • When cloud droplets merge to form larger droplets, it is called ________________________.
  • What has killed entire sections of vegetation and disrupted ecosystems?
    low ph from acid rain

  • What 3 factors affect air pressure?  
    temperature,altitude, and water vapor
  • Cold air does not contain much moisture. Choose all the reasons for this.(3)

    Cold air is very dense
     Cold air contracts so there is no room for the moisture 
    The molecules of cold air squeezed closer together 

  • Where on a cloud is where the temperature has reached its dew point?
      at the edge of the cloud 
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