8 good questions and answers about "Evolution - The Future of Evolution"

Will the appearance of the future human alter?
No, because adaptations are geared towards helping human survive and reproduce. Our appearance will not alter since changes are not directly going to help us survive or reproduce
Are humans still subject to natural selection?
Yes, but selective forces have shifted
In what aspect are humans currently evolving?
  • Immune system
  • Reproductive system
  • Sensory perception
Modern human reproductive system
  • More offspring means proliferation (rapid increase in numbers) of genes
    • Brings into question modern inventions of contraception
Modern human sensory perception
  • Toddlers are more adapt than old people (in technology)
  • Are undergoing constant change and their ability to sense their surroundings is constantly under adaptive pressure
How do we know humans are still evolving?
  • Lactase persistance
  • Smaller teeth/loss of 3rd molars
  • HIV resistance
  • Sickle cell
  • Change in the shape of the jaw
  • Changes in brain size
Smaller teeth/3rd molar loss
A product of the agricultural revolution, because after that we have been eating softer and processed food -> no more need for these large teeth and molars
What are other possibilities for evolution in modern humans?
  • Persistent psychological stress
  • Ideal diet
  • Body weight 
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