10 good questions and answers about "Materials - Introduction"

What happens if you select a wrong technique?
Inappropriate or useless information
What is a mineralogical way of looking at things?
On documenting the crystal structure
What is a chemical/elemental way of looking at things?
  • Look at the elements themselves
    • For example the structure of sand
How do you deal with alterations/prone materials?
  • Correct for them
  • Pick the right samples
What metals are not resistant to alteration?
  • Glass
  • Metal
How can we identify with what element we are dealing?
Every element wants to be stable. If we disturb the stability -> different effects. Based on the effect, we can identify which element we are dealing with
Quantitative research elements
Amount of elements present
In what weight percentage are elements expressed?
Major and minor elements: wt.%
Trace elements: ppm
What is the basis of research by the means of electromagnetic radiation?
  • All techniques are based on electromagnetic radiation = the light around us
  • This energy is called the incident energy = start energy.
  • That start energy will react with our sample.
  • Based on the energy, the reaction will be different (transmitted, resorbed or reflected)
How can we determine what elements are present by the means of electromagnetic radiation?
The amount of energy that is, for example, absorbed can be measured -> determine what element is present
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