Perceiving and recognizing objects

5 important questions on Perceiving and recognizing objects

Define mid-level (or middle) vision

A loosely defined stage of visual processing that comes after basic features have been extracted from the image (low-level, or early, vision) and before object recognition and scene understanding (high-level vision).

Define Gestalt grouping rules

A set of rules describing which elements in an image will appear to group together. The original list was assembled by members of the Gestalt school of thought

Define parahippocampal place area (PPA)

A region of extrastriate visual cortex in humans that is specifically and reliably activated more by images of places than by other stimuli.

Define recognition-by-components model

Biederman’s model of object recognition, which holds that objects are recognized by the identities and relationships of their component parts.

Define deep neural network (DNN)

A type of “machine learning” in artificial intelligence in which a computer is programmed to learn something (here object recognition). First the network is “trained” using input for which the answer is known (“that is a cow”). Subsequently, the network can provide answers from input that it has never seen before.

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