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Summary senses and coordination

- Biology
- Anne
- 2015 - 2016
- Metameer - Stevensbeekseweg (Stevensbeek)
- Klas 3 VWO TTO
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A snapshot of the summary - senses and coordination

  • 1 responding to surroundings

  • All sense organs join to form the...?
    sensory system
  • Which two sense organs does your ear contain?
    hear and balance
  • The skin contains organs that produce the sense of what?
  • Which receptors does your skin have?
    cold and heat receptors, receptors for touch and pressure
  • Where do heat receptors respond to?
    anthing touching the skin that is warmer
  • What do cold receptors respond to?
    anything touching the skin that is colder
  • Where do touch receptors respond to?
    respond to light pressure on your skin, they inform you about the texture
  •  Where do pressure receptors respond to?
    to heavy pressure  and are located deep inside the skind
  • What is a sense organ?
    an organ tha responds to information from the surrounndings
  • To what are sensory cells connected?
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