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Summary Shrm

- 2021 - 2022
- Tilburg University (Tilburg University, Tilburg)
- Human Resource Studies
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A snapshot of the summary - SHRM

  • 1 Black-box debate

  • 1.1.3 SHRM process model

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  • What can lead to a disconnection between actual and perceived HRM? Name 2
    1. Difference in exposure. For example in a hospital doctors get more HR practices than cleaners. Or the implementation of the line-manager is poor because he is not trained or doesn't have te ability 
    2. Difference in perceptions of HR practices because of personalities and needs. Some employees like trainings and others don't
  • 1.2.1 HRM and performance; Peccei & van de voorde.

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  • What is the moderator of the HRM-perfomance relationship?
    The overall strategy of the organization. Example, employees age moderates the effect of HRM on aspects of well-being and because of different development-oriented practices such as training and job security, there is a strong positive effect on employees.
  • Theory

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  • Explain what behavioral perspective of HRM is?
    HR practices are implemented to encourage productive behaviors to achieve organizational objectives (financial and operational)
  • What are motivation enhancing HR practices?
    Development, performance management, incentives and rewards, promotion, career development, job security and competitive compensation.
  • Practical implications

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  • According to this article, what is the result of investing in the 3 HR dimensions?
    Substantial financial benefit
  • What should organizations do to improve the motivation of employees?
    Appraising and rewarding their performance, making their job meaningful and interesting and giving employees autonomy to make decions.
  • theory

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  • What are work systems?
    Reflects how employees add value to the strategy of the organization, through creating objectives which are connected to the strategy of the organization. Without an objective, the direction will be unclear for employees
  • What is high performance work system? Take high-quality service into account.
    A system of HR practices that increases employees competences, motivation and performance in providing high-quality service for example. In this case service training, service-quality-based performance appraisals and selective hiring are included. The package can differ across different functions.
  • Why can employees perspectives on hpws differ? Take different departments and within the same department
    - Different departments in the organization don't have or use the same HR practices. 
    -Within the same department, members, who have the same practices may be treated differently by the line-manager or have a different perception or experiences of the practices
  • Which disconnection will there be with HPWS?
    What management say theoretically will happen when HPWS is implemented and how the actual experience are.

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