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Summary Slack: Operations Management with MyOMLab pack

- Nigel Slack, et al
ISBN-10 0273776290 ISBN-13 9780273776291
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A snapshot of the summary - Slack: Operations Management with MyOMLab pack Author: Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon Jones, Robert Johnston ISBN: 9780273776291

  • 1 Operations Management

  • 1.2 What is operation management

  • What are the four support functions of an organization?
    1) Information system function
    2) Human resource function
    3) Accounting and finance function
    4) Technical function
  • 1.3 Operations management is important

  • Operations management uses ‘resources to ?
    Appropriately create outputs that fulfil defined market requirements’
  • 1.4 the input-transformation-output process

  • What are transforming resources?
    These are the resources which act upon the transformed resources.
  • All operations create and deliver services and products by changing inputs into outputs using an
    ‘input–transformation–output’ process
  • Which two transforming processes are the building blocks of all operations?
    1) facilities
    2) staff
  • 1.5 The process hierarchy

  • What is process hierarchy?

    the idea that a network of resources form processes, networks of processes form operations, and networks of operations form supply networks. 
  • 1.6 Operations processe have different characteristics

  • The part of the organization which creates and delivers services and products for the organization’s external customers is called?
    Operations as a function

  • The management of the processes within any of the organization’s functions is called? 
    Operations as an activity
  • 1.7 What do operations managers do?

  • What do operation managers do?
    1) directing
    2) designing
    3) delivery
    4) developing
  • 2 Operations performance

  • 2.2 Operations performance is vital for any organisation

  • Ensuring that the over- all productivity of accumulated human and physical capital resulting from development actions more than compensates for the direct or indirect loss or degradation of the environ- ment is the?
    the environment bottom line
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