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Summary South Africa and Argentina, two countries with two faces

- Geo
- Marian Meulenkamp
- 2013 - 2014
- Metameer
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A snapshot of the summary - South Africa and Argentina, two countries with two faces

  • 1 Focus on South Africa

  • 1.1 climate and landscape

  • How is the climate like in South Africa?
    A sunny climate with differences in different parts of the country.
  • Why are on the east coast the summers sunny and humid.
    An onshore wind brings air from the Indian Ocean and there are short but heavy bursts of rain followed by sunshine.
  • what is a onshore wind
    Wind that blows from the sea towards the land.
  • What kind of landscape do you see most in south africa
  • Why does Johannesburg get less rain than the east coast?
    it is in the rain shadow of a mountain range (Drakensberg)
  • How are factors called which influence the temperature, and which are they?  
    temperature factors: 
    Latitude: the further from the Equator, the colder it gets
    Altitude: the higher you go, the colder it gets
    Land-sea distribution: the further you go from sea, the warmer the summers and colder the winters
  • Where do you have the less difference in winter and summer temperature, and why?
    near coast because of the moderate influence of the sea.
  • Where are the temperature the lowest and why?
    at a place with a high altitude because of the altitude?
  • What kind of climate does Johannesburg have?
    sea climate with dry winters
  • What kind of climate does Durban have?
    sea climate with precipitation all year
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