Summary: Spm Syllabus Foundation Level V.1.3

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Read the summary and the most important questions on SPM Syllabus Foundation Level V.1.3

  • 1 Introduction and Foundations

  • 1.1 Software Product Management Essentials

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  • What is successful  product management?

    Delivering the right products at the right time and price for the right markets, and increasing profitability, product quality, customer satisfaction, and the success rate of release projects in terms of schedule predictability and time to-market.
  • Why is the role of software product manager of strategic value?

    Because it is crucial for the economic success of a product.
  • How does a software product compare to a product?

    It compares to non-software products in terms of high complexity, negligible manufacturing cost, great flexibility, and a high rate of change.
  • What is a product family?

    A product family is a set of products with common features, integration, interface similarities, and technological similarity to address a specific problem.
  • What is a product line

    A product line is based on a platform with defined variability for developing products tailerod to different markets and users, while increasing quality and decreasing cost.
  • Where is a software product manager responsible for?

    A software product manager is responsible for managing software with the objective to achieve sustainable success over the life cycle of the software product (family or line).
  • 2 Product Strategy

  • 2.1 Product Strategy Essentials

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  • What does a Product Strategy describe?

    The PS describes how the product is supposed to evolve over the strategic timeframe.
  • What should be included in the product strategy?

    • product vision
    • product definition
    • target market, potential segments
    • delivery model and Service Strategy
    • product positioning
    • sourcing
    • Business plan
    • Roadmap
  • Which addional elements of the product strategy column are normaly NOT included in the Product Strategy?

    • Pricing
    • Ecosystem Management
    • Legal and IPR Management
    • Performance and Risk Management
  • Where is a strong product vision helpfull for?

    To convince and engage all stakeholders, a strong product vision is helpfull,

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