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Summary Statistics The Art and Science of Learning from Data : Third Edition : Alan Agresti & Christine Franklin

- Alan Agresti, et al
ISBN-10 1784483516 ISBN-13 9781784483517
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A snapshot of the summary - Statistics The Art and Science of Learning from Data : Third Edition : Alan Agresti & Christine Franklin Author: Alan Agresti Christine A Franklin ISBN: 9781784483517

  • 1 statistics: the art and science of learning from data

  • what is descriptive statistics?
    summarizing and analyzing the data, thats obtained.
  • what is inferencial statistics?
    making decisions and predictions based on the data for answering statistical questions.
  • what is a (sample) statistic?
    a numerical summary of a sample taken from the population.
  • 2 Exploring data with graphs and numerical statistics

  • when is a variable categorial and when is it quantitative?
    it's categorial if the observations can be put in categories, and its's quantitative if the observations can be expressed in numbers.
  • what is the key characteristic of a quantitive variable?
    there has to be different magnitudes, or you need to be able to take an average of the variable.
  • when is a quantitive variable dicrete, and when is it continuous?
    it is descrete when it's possible values form a set of seperate numbers, it's continuous when the possible values form an interval.
  • what is the modal category?
    the category with the highest frequency.
  • what is the pareto principle?
    a small subset of categories often contains most of the observations.
  • what is a histogram?
    a bar graph that shows the (relative) frequencies of the observations of a quantative variable.
  • if the set of data is small which type of graph is usually preferred?
    the stem-and-leaf plot or the dot plot is usually preferred.
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